Tens of thousands celebrate Pope Benedict XVI.

Emotional finale of Pope Benedict XVI’s pontificate

Endless joy and cheering by tens of thousands of faithfull as the outgoing Pope Benedict XVI celebrated his farewell in his last Sunday Angelus prayer in St. Peter’s square in Rome. With his retirement from Office, he is complying with Gods wish, said the head of the Roman Catholic Church.general-audienceThe people celebrated the Pope during the Angelus prayer as in the week before with “Viva il papa”-calls and long applause. Benedict’s voice faltered again and again during his speech, and he was interrupted by cheers of the faithful. “Thank you, in prayer we are always close to each other”, Benedict called out. He thanked the pilgrims for their love and sympathy in this “special moment for me and the Church”.

“Continue to serve the Church”

God had called him to devote himself more to meditation and prayer, which did not mean that he was leaving the church, said the 85-year-old. “On the contrary, if God is calling me, it is because I can continue to serve the church with the same dedication and love as before, but in a more appropriate way for my age and my strength,” he said in his speech. With a view to the daily Gospel of the transfiguration of Christ on Mount Tabor, the Pope said that God had called him to “climb that mountain”.

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Who is going to be the next Pontifex? Latin america might be a heavyweight in this election.

Pope resigns unexpectedly

This is not an ordinary election: In this election, there are no official candidates, no campaign, no official support committees, neither promises nor election campaign gifts. Presumably it is this opaque situation in the papal election, which fueled the rumor mill about possible successors.

According to British bookies, candidates from Africa, Italy and Canada have very good odds, as the Italian news agency for betting and gambling, Agipro News, reported on Monday.

Pope Benedict XVI. had previously announced his surprise resignation. The 85-year-old said at a plenary meeting of the cardinals in a speech held in Latin, because of his age he was no longer “the force” to lead the Catholic Church. It is the first time in centuries that a pope resigns from office.