Sede Vacante – Vatican issues medals, coins and stamps

The Vatican Philatelic and Numismatic Office has announced that stamps will be issued after the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI., during the time were there is no Pope. The series with the note “Sede vacante 2013” will include four stamps with an identical motif and be valid only until the inauguration of the new Pope.

The stamps with a value of 70 cents for Italy, 85 cents for Europe and the Mediterranean, two euros for Africa, Asia and the United States and 2.5 euros for Australia will be issued at the Vatican post offices and in the Vatican pilgrimage Office in St. Peter’s square. A high collector’s value is expected.
sede-vacante-stampsThe Vatican stamps to the “Sede Vacante” after the death of Pope John Paul II. eight years ago were met with huge approval. In front of the three post offices in St. Peter’s square and inside the Vatican, there had been queues of people who wanted to get their hands on those stamps, which had come on the market with an edition of 750,000 copies, and with a value of 60, 62 and 80 cents. The tradition of commemorative stamps to the “Sede Vacante” dates back to 1939. The stampes are valid only until the election of a new Pope.

sede-vacante-coinsThe Vatican will also issue some coins during the “Sede Vacante”. These coins will be mint in the period after the beginning of the Sede Vacante until the end of the Conclave, reported the Vatican Numismatic Council Member, Umberto Moruzzi. The interest of collector for the Vatican coins had grown rapidly after the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.

Due to the fact that the Vatican does not accept any credit card payments since January 2013, you can’t even buy them through the Vatican Online-Store. Reasons are explained HERE.
Either you are/have been in Rome to get them yourself, or you may buy them from the usual suspects at ebay or similar sources.

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