Church scandals fueling rumors

The surprise resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. has left open several questions. In view of the church scandals in recent years from hundreds of abuse cases to the Vatileaks-affair, where personal documents of the Pope were published, there are many conspiracy theories.

Many just wonder why the Pope has chosen February 28 8:00 PM (CET) for this historic resignation. Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi responded to the question on Tuesday at a press conference. That has nothing to do with legal or other reasons, Lombardi explained to reporters in Rome. Rather, “at this time usually the working of the Holy Father ends.”

Previously, on February 27, Benedict XVI wants to say goodbye to the faithful in the Saint Peter’s Square . During that day “the last general audience will take place,” Lombardi said. The audience will take place at St. Peter’s, “because a lot of people are expected.”

There are many even within the Roman Catolic Church that challenged the statement, that Benedict XVI. is resigning because of his age and health status. They rather imagine  a “coup by the conservatives”, or other reasons such as the “documents and banking scandals”. “Now, once all look forward to what’s really behind it, possibly beyond age and health. Was it a coup by the conservatives, or he has come under pressure for other reasons? For the ultra-conservative Society of St. Pius X the Pope behaves and decides way too open and liberal. “And the Vatican is interspersed with these people”.

The Pope may also have become tired because of the numerous office intrigues, scandals and allegations of corruption in the Vatican, is a further speculation. Benedict XVI. clears the way not lonly for a much-needed reorganization of the Vatican Curia, which was shaken hard, especially during the last months of more openly conducted fights, sometimes homoerotic motivated intrigues and corruption.

The question throughout all major media around the globe is: “Could not or did Benedict XVI. not want to be the Holy Father anymore?”

For the conservative Polish newspaper “Rzeczpospolita” the question is whether “this decision is proof of courage or simply the contrary – escape from responsibility”. There is also speculations that the threat of a scandal has forced the pope to this step. His successor would need to take care of those matters.

You’ll never know if Benedict XVI  gave in to physical or metaphysical exhaustion, writes French “Liberation”, “whether his body can no longer muster the force necessary for the office or the soul no longer believes that due to the inevitable secularization doubts have arisen, which may happen even to a Pope. ”

The Russian newspaper “Vedomosti” however suspected a possible intrigue in the background. As every closed system with hierarchies also the Vatican cannot be without intrigues. Probably there will now be many versions about the background of his resignation. “In the struggle for power and influence, the Pope has given his answer: As a role model, he waived a power struggle. He does what he needs to do – thus setting an example for future popes.”

Also the British newspaper “Telegraph” deals with the rumors about the surprising withdrawal. Many people are wondering now why the Pope had surprisingly decided to do this step aside. The Italians are great conspiracy theorists, and would now look for reasons other than the officially stated by the Vatican, writes the paper’s editor.

The Vatican wants to end the speculation. No pressure was exerted, and that there are no scandal, the Pope wants to evade. Q”Personally, I have the greatest admiration for the gesture of the Pope, for the courage, the spirit of freedom and the great awareness of the responsibilities of his office,” said Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi.

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